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Place du 4 Septembre
- 32240 Estang
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Menu of the week

Traditional restaurant with local cuisine

Come and taste the local cuisine of our restaurant in Estang ! Our chef pays tribute to Gascon gastronomy with his specialties from the South-West, made from fresh seasonal ingredients and regional products. Contact us for a hotel or restaurant reservation.

Traditional restaurant with seasonal dishes

The menu of our traditional restaurant is updated regularly. The dishes on offer change with the seasons. From Tuesday noon to Friday noon, our chef concocts an all-inclusive menu for you at €16.50. Also find on the menu specialties from the South-West and dishes with Mediterranean accents, for lovers of fish and olive oil.

  • Net prices including VAT
  • All the meats in our restaurant come from France
  • Our suggestions are proposed according to arrivals, and can therefore be subject to modifications

Menus to taste or pick up on site

Menu of the month - 40€

Egg casserole,

Veal sweetbreads and porcini mushrooms


Gambas Risotto


Duck breast from Gers,

Galette with potatoes

Assortment of cheeses from the Pyrenees


Thin apple tart,

Vanilla ice cream

Children's menu - 12 €

This menu is reserved for for children under 12 years old.

Tomato - Mozzarella
Chicken Escalope, Small Vegetables or Fries OR Fish of the moment
Dessert of the day

Restaurant menu

Starters Prices
Foie Gras Terrine, Red Onion Chutney 20 €
Brown Crab and Fresh Cheese Ravioli, Lobster Espuma 18 €
Egg Cocotte, Calf Sweetbreads and Prawns 19 €

Land and Sea Salad Thaï way (Abaya Shrimps and Beef from the Mateyron farm - 32160 Lasserade)

17 €
Dishes Tarifs
Leg of Monkfish, Leek Fondue, Bacon Cream 21 €
Crispy John Dory fillet, caramelized asparagus, lemon butter with herbs 19 €
Black Pork Chop, (about 450 gr, Matayron breeding, 32160 Lasserade), cooked in hay, Creamy Risotto, Cream of Cepes 27 €
Matured Rib Steak (about 350 grams), Potato Pancake, Spice Sauce 24 €
Desserts Prices
Assortment of cheeses from the Pyrenees 9 €
Like a shortbread Breton, Lemon Cream, Italian Meringue, Corsican Clementine Sorbet 9 €
Strawberry Pavlova 9 €
Chocolate profiteroles 8 €
Fine Apple Tart, Milk Jam, Vanilla Ice Cream 9 €

Would you like to take a cure in Barbotan-les-Thermes? Stay in one of our hotel rooms , half board or full board. Our hotel-restaurant welcomes you to Estang, a small village in the Gers in the heart of Bas Armagnac, 30 minutes from Mont-de-Marsan, in the Landes. You will appreciate the local cuisine of our chef, a lover of French gastronomy.